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We do not share these stories to brag or highlight the size of a verdict or settlement. Rather, we are extremely proud to share the results of our cases, as these represent our clients’ success. These results do not always come with huge verdicts or settlements but represent ways that we made positive impacts in ways that were unique for each client.

Workers Compensation Claims

$14,650.30 Settlement for Delivery Driver

  • Missouri Workers Compensation
  • Original Offer: claim denied
  • A St. Louis delivery driver developed carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in both of her wrists. However, her employer’s insurance company denied that the injury was related to her work. BiState fought for medical care and forced the insurance company to pay for the bilateral CTS release surgery. After surgery, BiState negotiated a lump sum settlement after the company paid all of our client’s medical bills.
  • We are very proud of this result, even though the final settlement was not the largest we’ve ever won. The insurance company did everything possible to avoid paying for this military veteran’s medical treatment: the injury was related to her time in service, it was because of her pregnancy, CTS is only caused by vibrations and not overuse, etc.. After fighting these defenses in front of a judge, we forced the insurance company to pay for the medical benefits that our client deserved under the Missouri Work Comp Act.

Personal Injury Claims

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Business Law Results

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Real Estate Law Results

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