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All businesses are built on strong values: vision, work ethic and a mastery of skills. Successful businesses have great teams that implement these values.

One of the most important elements of these successful businesses is that they are legally sound, from laying the initial corporate foundations to preventing losses from lawsuits and crafting the contracts and agreements needed to finalize the deal the pushes your business to the next level of achievement.

Simply put, the BiState Business Law Center wants to be on your team, fighting for your St. Louis business. Whether you are looking for advice in starting your small business or expanding your business operations to reach new marketplaces, our goal is to take the headache out of legal issues so that you can do what you do best: run your business.

Let us be the legal minds to help you and your team achieve success and bounce ideas off of.

Business Startup

The first, and one of the most important steps, for any business is selecting the correct corporate structure that will protect the company’s assets and encourage investment and growth. A strong legal foundation at the beginning allows a company flexibility in conducting business while protecting the personal assets of the business owners.

Employee Management

Missouri and Illinois utilize the “employment at-will” doctrine to govern the relationship between Employers and Employees. The only way for an employer to change that relationship is to use an employment contract. Such a contract can outline expectations for the position, requirements an employee must maintain, as well as adding in protections for trade secrets and intellectual property.


Real estate companies and landlords are a few of the businesses that can benefit the most from a Series LLC. Instead of using multiple LLCs – a separate LLC for each piece of property to exposure of a claim at one property from impacting another. However, with a Series LLC, the landlord or property investor can use one LLC with multiple series, which requires a single filing fee and simplifies bank accounts and end of year accounting.

Our commitment to our clients.

We know that after an accident, people are dealing with pain, mounting bills and have more questions than answers. Simply put – if you are calling a lawyer, you are not having a great day. As part of our commitment to our community, we work a smaller caseload so that we get to know all of our clients. We want to know more about you than just what happened and how much money can we get for you.

By working on fewer cases, and spending more time with our clients, we do a better job of answering questions and ensuring people have an advocate fighting on their team.

Every person and every situation is different. By giving you the individual attention that you deserve, we provide a better service and get better results.

By giving you the individual attention that you deserve, we provide a better service and get better results.

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Any time you have a question while you are looking through the information on this website, or if you have made the decision to speak with a St. Louis business lawyer, please call to talk with an experienced attorney.

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Sound legal advice made simple.

Our clients are craftsmen, mechanics, and bakers. They want to focus their energy and time on addressing their customers’ needs in those areas. They don’t want to stress over the details in a contract or the latest developments in the Courts. The small business lawyers at BiState pride themselves on providing sound, well-researched advice in plain English. We talk with our clients in their language and highlight what they need to know.

We promise you that your case will receive my personal attention, and I will expend all of my energy and knowledge and experience to see that you are treated fairly and with the respect that you deserve.

We talk with our clients in their language and highlight what they need to know.

Who is on your team?

Hire the BiState Injury Law Center and use our Dedication, Experience and Versatility for you – fighting to protect your rights.


Our Missouri and Illinois clients receive the personal attention they deserve. We use a team environment so that clients have answers quickly and can stay informed about every step of their injury cases.

You are an individual – you will never be a number or a file on the shelf at BiState.


We are award-winning, nationally recognized trial lawyers that have won millions of dollars for clients and are willing to fight for you. We use our experience in the courtroom and working for insurance companies to assert your rights and protect you from unfair claims adjusters and their tactics.

We know how they work and will be on your team to fight back.


We represent people throughout Illinois and Missouri, and work diligently to understand the changes in the law and the latest methods to enforce your legal rights. Our attorneys work in both states because your life does not end at a county or state line. Versatility gives us the ability to choose the state law that is most helpful for your case.

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