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The BiState Law Center is dedicated to providing the highest quality legal service to people in Missouri and Illinois, fighting on their team to protect their rights in the courtroom. Delivering on that mission can look different for every client, but our passion is to make our community a better, safer place. A big part of that mission is removing the stress of the legal system from our clients so that they can focus on their health, their families, and their businesses.

When you hire the BiState Law Center, you get a team of award-winning professionals fighting on your team.

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In order to succeed in our mission and deliver the highest quality of legal service, we focus on energy and effort to only a few areas of the law. We believe that by limiting our services and truly mastering these practices areas, we are better lawyers, achieve the best results for clients and help make workplaces and roadways in our community safer.

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We’ve successfully handled many types of cases and obtained results in injury and commercial cases.

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We never stop fighting for your rights – even if it means taking your claims before a jury at trial.

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We always offer a free case evaluation to discuss your rights and legal options.

Our Mission

The BiState Law Center is a mission driven law firm that is dedicated to making our community a better, safer place. We do this by using the law and the courts to protect and unite our community, zealously advocating for our clients and delivering personalized results. Our award-winning trial lawyers live here; they are your friends and your neighbors and understand the unique challenges that face people in the St. Louis region. This focus on community makes us better advocates and stronger allies because it’s our home too. By adhering to our Core Values, listening to our clients and truly caring about them, we can make a difference in our community

Be Zealous – Be Honest – Fight For What’s Right

We help turn stories of loss into stories of healing and hard work into accomplishment.

Our Vision

Our clients are real people with real problems. We will truly listen and provide open, honest communication with our clients and fight on their team to find solutions to those problems. Each client is different and deserves a carefully crafted solution and dedicated group fighting on their team.

By leveraging our experience in the courtroom, utilizing our knowledge of the insurance industry, and applying a team environment, BiState will become part of the recovery process for clients. Our goal is to fight for your rights, all the way to a jury, if need be, and help to tell YOUR story.

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Client Testimonials

Mary O.

Matt Nagel epitomizes what I look for in an attorney. He worked tirelessly to assist me as I navigated a situation with an insurance company, constantly communicating the steps he was taking in a clear and understandable way. He seeks feedback because he is the type of person that always strives to find a better way to accomplish a job. Give him a direction, or even an idea of a direction, and he will be sprinting towards an answer. Not only did he handle the delicate balance of personalities (doctors’ offices, insurance companies, etc.) involved with my case with the utmost professionalism, he also consistently kept the best interest of me in mind. If you are looking for someone that always delivers, is always open to feedback, and is constantly looking for ways to improve the process, Matt Nagel and BiState are your attorneys.

Kelly S.

“I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Mr. Nagel and BiState. Not only did he make himself available whenever I needed him, but he took the time to thoroughly answer my questions and explain all of my options. His knowledge and communication skills are superb and as an added bonus, his personality and sense of humor made a very painful process much more bearable which my family and I so appreciate.”

Ron G

My lawyers were always willing to talk to me. I was able to talk with BiState about my case with any question, and they never made me feel like a problem. Truly on my team.

Craig W.

My work comp case took a little while but the end result was successful. Every time I called with a question or needed someone, I got the help I needed. Having a greatly educated law team on my side made all of the difference.

Antonio G.

Without a lawyer, I had no control over the decisions – the insurance company was making all of those. That’s why I called BiState Law. BiState broke the system down for me and helped me understand how we could work against the insurance company within the comp system. Best Work Comp Law

Courtney (work comp client)

No one ever wants to be hurt, but BiState helped me achieve the best possible outcome considering the situation. When I got my first offer to settle, Matt did a great job explaining why the insurance company wasn’t being fair and how much he thought the case was worth. At the same time, he made sure the choice was mine. BiState fought for every last penny, kept me consistently informed about the case and made sure everything went smoothly so I could focus on healing.

Violet C.

I want to thank you so very, very much for what could have been a day of sheer terror inevitably turned into to be a day of bliss and glory! BiState’s legal expertise, kindness, courtesy, attention to detail and gallant chivalry, far exceed our expectations!

Talking to Matt and the staff at BiState is just like talking to a neighbor or a member of the family. I actually had “FUN” and felt like I was present at a Southern Illinois Bar-B-Que rather than at a trial in a Courtroom. My husband and I were very much at ease. You are good people of impeccable integrity and a benchmark for all others to follow.

Aimee Q.

Mr. Nagel helped me with my case. He was extremely helpful, and was very flexible about meeting times. He was always available to speak with me, and was friendly and personable while still being professional. He settled the matter to my complete satisfaction – I couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Muraugan M.

My legal situation was stressful and I was frustrated with the amount of time this took from my life, but Matthew Nagel and his lawyers kept me consistently informed. I was happy that he kept an open line of communication and was able to avoid litigation through his knowledge of the system and negotiation techniques.

Kelly K.

I can’t imagine working with anyone other than Matthew Nagel and BiState. Not only did he make himself available whenever I needed him, but he took the time to thoroughly answer my questions and explain all of my options. His knowledge and communication skills are superb and as an added bonus, his personality and sense of humor made a very painful process much more bearable which my family and I so appreciate.

Debbie C.

I endorse Matt Nagel because he is a great lawyer. He is smart, hardworking, and insightful. When everyone else has gone home, he will still be working for the interests of his client!

Cherrie (Car Crash Client)

The lawyers and staff at BiState were very understanding and accommodating to make the case work for me. They went out of their way to increase the amount of my settlement, and when the insurance company refused to cooperate, BiState fought for me in Court.


Although my case was time-consuming and took a long time to settle, BiState took consideration of my time and my injuries. They came to me for meetings when I was hurt, rather than forcing me to come into their office.

Kevin Harman – Bridges for Education (business client)

Matt Nagel from BiState Law is my business attorney. He has an uncanny ability to understand the steps and procedures when it comes to forming and managing the creation process of a business. He has helped me create a rock tight system that keeps me protected and keeps my business running smooth in the eyes of the government.