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Our Mission

The BiState Law Center is a mission driven law firm that is dedicated to making our community a better, safer place. We do this by using the law and the courts to protect and unite our community, zealously advocating for our clients and delivering personalized results. Our award-winning trial lawyers live here; they are your friends and your neighbors and understand the unique challenges that face people in the St. Louis region. This focus on community makes us better advocates and stronger allies because it’s our home too. By adhering to our Core Values, listening to our clients and truly caring about them, we can make a difference in our community Be Zealous

– Be Honest – Fight For What’s Right

Our Vision

Our clients are real people with real problems. We will truly listen and provide open, honest communication with our clients and fight on their team to find solutions to those problems. Each client is different and deserves a carefully crafted solution and dedicated group fighting on their team.

By leveraging our experience in the courtroom, utilizing our knowledge of the insurance industry, and applying a team environment, BiState will become part of the recovery process for clients. Our goal is to fight for your rights, all the way to a jury, if need be, and help to tell YOUR story

Our Core Values

  • Fight for clients and tell their stories, especially when they cannot
  • Maintain open and honest communication with clients and each other
  • Mandate accountability to clients and each other
  • Foster a positive environment that encourages growth
  • Get good work done

About Us

The BiState Business Law Center is in the protection business. We work with businesses across the St. Louis Metro Area, protecting protect our clients from threats that could endanger the success of their business with one simple goal in mind:

While you are running your business, you know that your legal team is keeping your business safe.

Whether you are looking for advice in starting your small business or expanding your business operations to reach new marketplaces, our goal is to take the headache out of legal issues so that you can do what you do best: run your business.

Our Mission: The BiState Law Center’s mission is to make the world a safer place by zealously advocating for our clients and being a disruptive force to change the insurance industry. We want our community to be a better, safer place, where people understand the law and actively work to help others.

While you are running your business, you know that your legal team is keeping your business safe.

Areas of Focus

Our goal is to take the headache out of legal issues so that you can do what you do best: run your business.
We do this by focusing on three distinct areas:

Protecting your business by ensuring your legal foundation is solid and potential issues are addressed BEFORE they become problems.

Protecting your employees by ensuring the business creates and enforces appropriate safety policies and minimizing injury risks in the work place.

Protecting your money by drafting and reviewing contracts, protecting your intellectual property, and actively working to prevent time/loss issues within your workforce.

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Any time you have a question while you are looking through the information on this website, or if you have made the decision to speak with a St. Louis business lawyer, please call to talk with an experienced attorney.

All consultations are free – please give us a call today and we will do our best to assist you with protecting and growing your business.

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Who is on your team?

Hire the BiState Injury Law Center and use our Dedication, Experience and Versatility for you – fighting to protect your rights.


Our Missouri and Illinois clients receive the personal attention they deserve. We use a team environment so that clients have answers quickly and can stay informed about every step of their injury cases.

You are an individual – you will never be a number or a file on the shelf at BiState.


We are award-winning, nationally recognized trial lawyers that have won millions of dollars for clients and are willing to fight for you. We use our experience in the courtroom and working for insurance companies to assert your rights and protect you from unfair claims adjusters and their tactics.

We know how they work and will be on your team to fight back.


We represent people throughout Illinois and Missouri, and work diligently to understand the changes in the law and the latest methods to enforce your legal rights. Our attorneys work in both states because your life does not end at a county or state line. Versatility gives us the ability to choose the state law that is most helpful for your case.

Let us help tell Your Story.



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